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Cost Of Two Sandwiches: New Queer Web Series Now On YouTube

Need advice? Watch as Matthew J. Dempsey helps guide people to the right answers…
By Jumol Royes
Let’s set the scene: You’re on a date with someone you like having an awesome conversation. As time goes by, you slowly start to realize it’s not really a date; it’s a talk therapy session. Most of us would chalk the experience up to a missed loved connection. Matthew J. Dempsey turned it into an idea for a web series.
In each episode of Cost of Two Sandwiches, Dempsey connects with a different participant and creates a safe space for them to share their stories and for him to offer solicited advice (he’s a psychotherapist so listening and giving feedback is what he does best).
Dempsey created the show in honour of Mental Health Awareness (May) and LGBT Pride Month (June) and explains the concept in his own words:
“For the cost of two sandwiches, I sit down picnic style and offer up my brand of queer psychotherapeutic guidance to those struggling within the LGBTQ community and beyond,” he writes. “Coming out, religion, dating, jealousy, sex, and body image are just some of the issues we tackle with raw vulnerability and a glimmer of hope for anyone who can relate.”
The series premiered on YouTube last week (May 14, 2019) and new episodes will be released every Tuesday. Make sure to tune until the very end to catch Dempsey showing of his dance skills…zaddy’s got moves!
Click below to watch the trailer for Cost of Two Sandwiches:


JUMOL ROYES is a Toronto-based communications strategist and content writer with a keen interest in personal development and transformation. Follow him on Twitter @Jumol.



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