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Shangela Reveals Her Planned ‘All Stars 3’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ Lip Sync

And, Miley Cyrus approves…
It’s been months since Shangela lost out on the chance to lip sync for the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3… and we’re still devastated. Not that we don’t love AS3 winner Trixie Mattel, but we’ve been wondering for ten months what the beloved drag queen had planned and what exactly was going on underneath that gold confetti-like coat.
Now we have the answer.
Shangela closed out 2018 by performing her planned performance to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball,’ and it involves some gag-worthy reveals. There’s balloons, glitter and even a piñata.
Miley’s thoughts? She commented saying: “I fucking live.”
Watch Shangela’s incredible, balloon-popping performance of ‘Wrecking Ball’ below:

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Last night I closed my final open chapter of 2018. Performing what I had planned for “Wrecking Ball” in the AS3 finale meant so much its hard to even explain. For a long time after the AS3 finale I couldn’t even hear this song without thinking of the rough emotions tied to it. But last night I channeled that pain into feelings of Triumph. The challenges I’ve faced in my life have led me to WERQ even harder. This year I performed in 184 Cities. Around the World. The largest multi-city tour in one year from any Drag Race queen in Herstory. And I’m proud to say that I brought the same energy, the same love, the same excitement to each of my audiences every night. There were times when I felt tired, when I had personal distractions going on in my life, when my body was sore, when the sole was literally coming apart from my boot. But I pushed thru. With a smile. And with gratitude for the moment. I could not have done it alone though. To my assistant @liamrileycb, Thank You for conquering this tour right alongside me, for waking me up and making sure ur mama was zipped up physically and mentally. Thank You to my managers Ron & Mark, my publicist Charlie, my creative director and music master @joelapuss (Joela, you’ve been there to create so much of the soundtrack to my experiences. Thank you). To all the promoters, club owners, student leaders, and corporate partners…the designers, stylists, journalists, my drag fam, all my fellow queens, my Mommy… to @ladygaga and @wanaynay for the ASIB magic… and of course to my Fans. All y’all who watch my IG story and send me messages, those who came out to the shows and even brought me things to remember you by … to each of u that continues to ride with me on this journey … Please know that I love you and I appreciate you. And that 2019 Is truly gonna be another one for the books baby! After six years on the road pretty much nonstop, I’m taking a break from major touring and will return to LA to put a larger focus on other projects in TV, film and production. But first I’m going home to take the most luxurious nap of LIFE!!! Halleloo … OUT! ❤️🌈🎉😴 📸: @bradleynolen #City184of184

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