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Azealia Banks Accused RuPaul Of Ripping Off Her Music

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks has accused RuPaul of plagiarism…
Azealia Banks has accused RuPaul of plagiarism, claiming that the Drag Race star “ripped off” her song ‘The Big Big Beat’.
In a series of furious tweets over the weekend, Banks claimed that she had contacted Spotify to have them remove ‘Call Me Mother’ from RuPaul’s 2016 album American. Banks alleges that the song is a ripoff of her song ‘The Big Big Beat,’ one of the standout tracks from her 2016 mixtape Slay-Z.

“You will not step on my little black girl toes bitch,” Banks wrote on Twitter. “You will take your razor bumps and pumps to the nearest laser hair removal clinic and seethe. @RuPaul BYE UGLY”
At present, ‘Call Me Mother’ and American are no longer available to stream on Spotify, but it remains on iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL and Pandora.
Although Spotify are yet to comment on the removal, they are known for a policy of removing any record from their platform when it faces investigation.
Banks later added that she is working to get ‘Call Me Mother’ removed from Apple Music as well.
RuPaul has yet to comment on the claims. In the meantime you can listen to both songs below:
Azealia Banks: “The Big Big Beat”

RuPaul: “Call Me Mother”




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