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Perez Hilton Would Prefer His Son Be Straight Because “It’s Easier”

The blogger says he would prefer his son to be heterosexual because it’ll be “easier” for him…
Perez Hilton is attempting to do a little damage control after revealing that he won’t let his five-year-old son Mario attend dance classes in the off-chance that they might influence his sexuality.
The controversial blogger, who is openly gay, initially claimed in a podcast that he wouldn’t sign his son up for dance classes, because they “might help make your son gay.”
Now, in a follow-up video posted to YouTube – titled I Would Prefer If My Son Was Not Gay – Hilton is attempting to clarify his initial comments saying he would rather his son – as well as his two daughters – were straight and cisgender.
Hilton explained in the video: “This is all stemming from me saying on the podcast that I wouldn’t put my son into dance class because I think dance class might help make your son gay.”
“And I wasn’t even joking.”
He continued: “I would say a good amount — maybe like 50 percent or more — of little boys who take dance class end up being gay.”
Hilton added: “I don’t think that’s a homophobic thing to say…Just like I don’t think it’s a homophobic thing to say that a disproportionate amount of male singer/actor/dancers on Broadway are gay…That’s not homophobic, that’s just a fact.”
Hilton also claimed he’s not ashamed of his homosexuality, but said LGBTQ people in the United States have a “harder road to travel on.”
“We’re still discriminated against, and I don’t want my son or daughters to have a harder path in life,” he said.
“If I had my preference, I’d prefer my son to be heterosexual because it’s easier,” he said in the video, which he shared on Twitter.
“As a gay man, I’m not ashamed to be gay…but if I could go back in time and, when I was 18, be given a choice, I would have chosen then to be heterosexual…Being a gay man [around the world] is still a harder road to travel on.”
However, Hilton did admit that if his son turned out to be gay, or transgender, he would still love his son, and if he truly wanted to be signed up for dance classes, “I would do that.”
He said: “If my son turns out to be gay, or if he’s already gay but not able to articulate that yet because he’s only 5, I will love my son unconditionally and support him. If my son is transgender, I will love him and support him unconditionally.”
Watch the video below.




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