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Sam Smith Opens Up About His Gender In New Interview

In an interview with The Sunday Times this weekend, singer Sam Smith said that he feels “just as much woman as I am man…”
Singer Sam Smith has opened up about his sexuality in a new interview with the London Sunday Times. In the interview Smith confirmed that he doesn’t identify as just a man or a woman.
*Editor’s note: Since Smith has not expressed a preference for other pronouns, IN will continue to use “he” in our coverage.
While Smith doesn’t feel comfortable giving himself a label just yet, he definitely doesn’t consider himself a cisgender male. In the interview he notes that lately he tends to identify with drag queens and points to two tattoos of gender symbols on his fingers – one male and the other female.
“I don’t know what the title would be but I feel just as much woman as I am man.”
The Grammy winner also reveals that he doesn’t subscribe to just one way to dress and discussed his love of high heels and makeup. Smith even revealed that at one point in his life he actually didn’t own any men’s clothing – only women’s.
“People don’t know this, but when I was 17, I remember becoming obsessed with Boy George and Marilyn,” he said. “There was one moment in my life when I didn’t own a piece of male clothing, really.”
“I would wear full makeup every day at school – eyelashes, leggings, with Dr Martens and huge fur coats, for two and a half years. I got teased a lot for it, but there were also people respecting me for walking around like that in school.”
Smith, who is preparing to release his second album, The Thrill of It All, recently shared this Instagram wearing cherry red heels, captioned “Ride or Die.”


Ride or Die

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