31 December 2018 / Entertainment Flashback Latest Life

FLASHBACK: Brandon Teena Is Raped And Murdered (December 31, 1993)

December 31, 1993 In LGBT History: Brandon Teena is raped and murdered by members of his circle of friends when they discover his female genitals

01 December 2018 / Health & Fitness Latest Life Sex

Let’s Celebrate Progress This World AIDS Day

Face HIV/AIDS head-on by knowing your status… Every December 1, World AIDS Day provides the opportunity for people worldwide to come together in the fight against HIV, to show support...

08 November 2018 / Latest Life Sex

Sex Advice: Knowing Never Hurts

Why getting tested regularly is the best option…   Being sexual is a part of everyone’s life, and not something to ever be shy about. It’s human nature. With the...

08 November 2018 / Latest Style

Luxury Wheels For The Season

Cool weather is no problem with these luxurious wheels…   Good news! There’s still time to think about spending time outdoors before the real chill of winter arrives. The joys...

07 November 2018 / Latest Style

Complexion Protection

Approach the festive season face first with these three holiday remedies…   Every year, it seems the holiday season gets longer. From the moment big box stores unpack their Christmas...

07 November 2018 / Latest Life Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice: Slipping Away

Finding a road map for bringing a long-distance relationship home…   Dear Adam, I met my partner about six years ago when I was in Paris on holiday. We fell...

06 November 2018 / Latest Travel

Pretty & Petit

A private island escape in St. Vincent and the Grenadines yields rustic glamour with a spritz of ritz…   The eight-seater Mustique Airways plane on the Barbados airport tarmac is...

06 November 2018 / Health & Fitness Latest Life

In The Moment

The recipe to happiness? Live in the now…   You hear a lot about living in the moment being the way to truly be happy and enjoy life. But short...

05 November 2018 / Insight Latest Life

Hug It Out

Men need to embrace platonic physical contact…   I love a good hug. Not a tepid side hug or half hug, but a full-bodied embrace.   I have a group...

02 November 2018 / Health & Fitness Latest Life Sex

Let’s Clarify The Meaning Of 'Undetectable'

An undetectable status guarantees one can’t pass on HIV, so why does the stigma persist?

02 November 2018 / Finance Latest Life

MONEY$TYLE: Thinking Strategically About Philanthropy

It is an exchange of values that results in a donation…   December 31 is the deadline to make charitable donations that may be claimed for the 2018 calendar year...

01 November 2018 / Entertainment Latest

Power Naps And Chats With Baroness Carolyn Taylor

The out actor and comedian talks Season 4 of the hit Baroness Von Sketch Show, her failure to meditate, and possible plans to take on the Landlord and Tenant Board…...