15 September 2022 / Entertainment Latest

My Policeman: A Monotonous Queer Love Story

The film, based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, and its tragic love triangle fails to deliver

14 September 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Bros: A Brand New Day

Bros, co-written by and starring Billy Eichner, is the buzzy depiction of modern-day queer love that has been touted as the first mainstream Hollywood studio-backed rom-com to feature gay men as the leads

12 September 2022 / Entertainment Latest

The Inspection Provides Deep Insight Into The Life Of A Gay Black Military Man

A young Black man attempts to make amends with his mother and change his life by joining the Marines in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era

08 September 2022 / Entertainment Latest

10 Queer Films From TIFF 2022 That You Need To Add To Your Must-Watch List

The 47th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival runs from Thursday September 8 until Sunday September 18

18 August 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Lee Pace On Playing A Trans Woman In 2003’s Soldier’s Girl, His First Film Role

The hunky actor reflects on his first feature film role, Soldier’s Girl, in which he played the transgender woman, Calpernia Addams

18 May 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Watch The Trailer For Billy Eichner's Gay Rom-Com 'Bros'

Eichner’s meta rom-com is the first from a major studio featuring an entirely queer principal cast… Universal Studios has released the first trailer for Bros, a meta gay rom-com written...

03 May 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Director Andrew Ahn Tries His Hand At A Rom-Com With ‘Fire Island’

“Okay, if there’s no dick in the movie, can I have as many butts as I want?”

26 April 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Watch The Trailer For Andrew Ahn's LGBTQ Rom-Com 'Fire Island'

Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Tomas Matos, Matt Rogers, Torian Miller and Margaret Cho all star in Ahn’s upcoming film… We finally have our first official glimpse of the new...

17 February 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Actor Harry Hamlin Says Playing A Gay Character In 1982’s ‘Making Love’ Ruined His Film Career

Hamlin is still proud of the impact the movie has had… In 1982, actor Harry Hamlin played a gay writer in the film Making Love and recently spoke about how...

13 January 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Circus Boy: New Gay Parenting Doc Offers Sweet Moments, Leaves Unanswered Questions

In today’s world, what is family? That’s the question at the heart of the new documentary Circus Boy

10 November 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Jaime Zevallos Stars In Controversial Tale Of Forbidden Gay Love

We talk with the actor about his new film, A Boy Like That… By William Cooke A Boy Like That tells the story of Harold, a middle-aged acting coach who...