24 June 2020 / Latest Life Pride 2020

How To Support Pride Month From Home

Pride is different this year, but that doesn’t make your support and presence any less impactful or necessary

05 June 2020 / Entertainment Latest

10 Black LGBTQ Films That Everyone Should Watch

A collection of films and documentaries that help educate on racism, Black oppression and portray the queer Black experience… Black LGBTQ+ stories have become more visible in recent years, but...

04 June 2020 / Latest Life

Organizations Supporting Black Communities In Canada That You Can Support

A list of Canadian resources for those who want to donate to help fight racism across the country… As protests in the US and Canada continue and intensify following the...

23 January 2019 / Latest Life

Pride Toronto Members Vote Against Police Participating In Parade

Pride Toronto members voted 163 – 161 on Tuesday against allowing police to participate in the annual Pride March… Members of Pride Toronto voted Tuesday night against allowing police to participate...

08 January 2019 / Latest Life

A Primer On Privilege

Learn. Ask questions… “I can’t have privilege; I was bullied!” is a sentiment many white cis gay men feel. But the fact is, there is probably no other segment of North...

30 June 2017 / Latest Life


Let’s take a chance and be kinder to each other By Paul Gallant   Years ago, when I was a more careless and less informed person, I flippantly used the...

28 February 2017 / Latest Life


Amidst the outrage, the founders of Black Lives Matter–TO keep their eye on the prize: a more inclusive Pride By Paul Gallant Alexandria Williams, the queer co-founder of Black Lives...