MUNDO DISKO is a festive event & a collective of d.j.’s/artists/performers of various disciplines that pays homage to a unifying musical genre, to a forgotten culture, to hedonistic rituals, to the primitive ancient gatherings, the legendary endless nights & sleazy morning dances .

Beyond all the cliché, the Disco culture evokes the exuberance, the excess, the resistance, and the height of an era ! It’s the soundtrack of the counterculture, somewhere between Stonewall, the civil rights movements, the broken promises of the hippie ideology, the aftermath of the Vietnam war + the Aids epidemic .

The Disco music influence is everywhere , almost immortal, constantly copied, reinvented, remixed! A mixture of musical influences from around the world crossbreeding primitive organic rhythms, pulsing mechanical beats, classical movements, synthetic souls & avant garde! It’s the beginning of modern dance music & the blueprint of today’s sounds .

As the sun sets on the Fierté week, MUNDO DISKO unites diverse DJs and artists, their creative prowess converging for the ultimate Celebration of our uniting differences + uniqueness!