Welcome to Tioh:tiàke and the 2023 version of the Fierté Montréal Festival. This year’s Opening Ceremony will feature various Two-Spirited artists (and accompanying allies), on stage for you at the Jardins Gamelin on August 3rd, 2023.

5pm to 6pm: The evening begins with the sounds of LaFHomme, a Montreal DJ artist ready to get your blood and body moving, creating a musical experience sure to transport you into a spiritual space.

6pm to 7:30pm: As is protocol for the Indigenous nations of this territory, the festival will begin with an honouring of the territories and their original inhabitants. This will be followed by the traditional opening – the Ohenton Karihwatekwen – given by Kaniehke’haka elder and storyteller Tealy Normandin. The purpose of these opening words is to bring our minds together in a state of acknowledgement and gratitude for all that we have been gifted by our Mother Earth