There are many different types of families today, from the biological families we were born in, to the chosen families that we create when the former isn’t there for us.

Ballroom families not only help you be the best vogue performer or runway walker you can be, but also offer love and support like any family should.

During this Kiki Ball, we will explore all different types of families from TV and Movies to history and beyond! Come show our kiki houses some family love and cheer them on as they battle through categories for some fab trophies and cash prizes! Or maybe even walk a category yourself!

9 Categories, 19 trophies, 11 cash prizes !

*Glossary of terms below categories


1 trophy, 1 cash prize

In this film, 7 year old Ludovic knew with certainty that she was a little girl and not a little boy. She had big plans to marry her Dad’s boss’ son one day. She showed up on stage dressed as Snow White to be able to kiss her Prince during a school play. The local parents ended up signing a petition to remove her from school, her Dad lost his job and their house graffitied, so they ultimately moved away. After further turmoil, they eventually accepted her gender. But not every trans person has the luxury of an accepting biological family.

Trans women, or Femme Queens as they are known in ballroom , are the backbone of ballroom. Show us how much you’ve blossomed into the beautiful woman you are today in a pink effect with a dash of rose blossoms or petals, as long as we can clearly see your beautiful face!

(This category is open for trans women/fem queens only)

5 trophies, 2 cash prizes

This TV series features Lucious Lyon, a former drug dealer turned Hip Hop mogul diagnosed with ALS who finds himself having to choose a successor to his musical dynasty amongst his 3 sons- Empire CFO Andre, R&B singer-songwriter Jamal, and rapper Hakeem, pitting them against each other just as their mom, Cookie, it’s released from jail after 17 years.
Lucious divorced Cookie while she was in prison and she is now fighting to take back part of the company.

Male figures (bq, transmen, butchs):
Executive realness – bring it like an Empire hotshot in a suit, tie and suitcase.

Thug realness – bring it like an Empire signed rapper.
Pretty boy realness – bring it in your best sweater or shirt and jeans.

Female figures- (For Drags and FQ only):
Banjee realness – bring it in a 90s banjee look
Executive realness – bring it as an executive look with (faux) fur and a bag that means business.

trophy, 1 cash prize

Has there ever been a more bizarre family on TV? They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky! Wednesday has a pet spider, Fester has a vulture, there’s a scorpion, not to mention family members like cousin It and Thing.
Imagine if Frankenstein got his hands on that family! Bring it in a creature featuring different elements from SEVERAL Addams family members or pets/creatures.

trophies, 2 cash prizes

The Obamas governed the US with style and grace and eventually supported Same Sex marriage and publicly extended their support to trans people and helped advance certain legeslative protections for the community. Bring it in an upscale look that is worthy of a presidential dinner with the Obamas!
Pair up in any combination of gender
FF- Touches of red (must have handbag) GNC- Touches of white
MF-Touches of blue (In blazer or suit, think red carpet)

trophies 1 cash

Billionaire power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé both have their own fashion labels and collabs, and are often seen together at Fashion week rocking some looks of their own.
Don’t forget this is runway, so make it fashion!

All American – OTA : Bring it an all grey glittery sequins or jewelled accessories.

European :
BQ: Bring it in all white with black glittery sequins or jewelled accessories.
FF: Bring it in all black with white glittery sequins or jewelled accessories.

2 trophies, 1 cash prizes

Cinderella‘s name was given to her by her evil stepsisters for always having cinder ashes on herself from sitting near the fireplace to keep warm after her chores. They actually gave her so many chores to make sure she had no time to make her dress for the ball. When her friends made her one, her stepsisters tore it to shreds. Little did they know that she can look like royalty in a fab baby blue gown!

Old Way vs New Way: Bring it in baby blue!

Vogue fem: Bring it in rags!

3 trophies, 1 cash prize

Serena and Vanessa Williams, America’s finest women’s tennis players, have won 4 Olympic gold medals EACH and have both ranked #1 and #2 positions respectively at the same time twice! Show us what you got after a sweaty tennis match and bring it in a cute tennis look!

MF: In tennis shorts
FF: In tennis skirt
GNC: with head and/or wrist sweatbands

1 trophy, 1 cash prize

The Banks family were trend setters in their own right but Will Smith with his neon street style has set trends we still see today. We are looking for an elevated streetwear look.
Labels are not necessary but must look upscale and fashionable. Bring it in a 90s street look featuring neon colours.

1 trophy, 1 cash prize

There’s nothing like a family BBQ in the summer! There is always that one family member though that always gets lit and starts shaking that ass!
This category is as simple as that.
No effect needed, just shake that ass!

BQ or Butch Queen: A gay man
FQ or Femme Queen: A trans woman
GNC: Gender non-confirming
FF or Female Figure: includes women, drags and FQ
OTA: Open to all
Drags: Drag queen
Butchs: Butch lesbians
Realness: The ability for gay, queer, trans people to pass for cis heterosexual
Banjee: Urban/hip hop/street look and attitude