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Celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Community

Still a Rebel

The Rebel Heart Tour continues its sweep across Canada, after last month’s appearance in Montreal. The tour coincides with the release of an album by the same name, the superstar’s 13th! The legendary performer—and longtime friend to the LGBT community—appears this month in Toronto (October 5, 6), Edmonton (October 11, 12) and Vancouver (October 14).

The Material Girl’s kinship with Canada may be rooted in the childhood years she spent in the Detroit area, just a narrow river from Windsor, Ontario. Cities across the nation have been included on the singer’s numerous tours, now spanning three decades.

Her LGBT connection, meanwhile, was fostered early in life, when she, too, felt a certain disconnect from her contemporaries. Many of her fans could certainly relate, and, as “Madge,” herself has declared: “I wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for the gay community.”

Rebel Heart concertgoers will see and hear the familiar but also new songs and moves in what Popcrush called in its review of the Montreal appearance “a celebration of the legacy of Madonna, the entertainer.”

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