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As seasoned travellers will tell you, Europe in the summertime—or at any other time of the year—can best be explored by train. The undulating countryside, the farms and historic towns press up against your window as you make your comfortable way from one terminal to


What’s not to love about summer? Well, maybe that less-than-fresh feeling you’re left with at the end of a sticky day. But there’s no reason to go through the season feeling like a damp dishcloth. Check out these products designed to help you stay refreshed


It’s fascinating how the things we often worry about can be so out of proportion to the actual danger they represent. Take Ebola. The hysteria here in North America about an outbreak that was concentrated in West Africa was a tad excessive. So I decided I’d share two of the things that I feel my patients worry too much about—and then present two things that actually deserve their concern.

My husband slid into the Discovery Sport and said, “So, which Range Rover is this?” A long conversation ensued wherein I explained it’s not a Range Rover (that’s a model), and the Discovery Sport is Land Rover’s mid-size crossover. He’s still confused, but there’s nothing confusing about why drivers will find splendour with this sportier choice.

I’m writing with what feels like a complicated question. My partner of four years really struggles with depression. I’ve known about this since early on in our dating. I felt compelled to write you now because over the past few months, he’s not really leaving the house or speaking with friends or family. We spend all of our time together at home, because that’s where he’s comfortable. I’m beginning to feel cut off from people and activities that are really important to me. I’m pretty worried about him, and I’m also feeling quite stuck in this rut alongside him. I have made suggestions for how he might be able to get better—exercising, making social plans, therapy (to name a few), but he shoots them all down. So I’m left adapting to his lifestyle. How can I shake him up and get him to see that he’s giving up and pulling us both down?