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After a romantic trip to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, Kingston, Ont. native Darcy Shaun and former Chicagoan Keith Alan Gawronski-McNinch were inspired to make a change in their lives. They left their corporate jobs in Toronto—Darcy as an architect and Keith as an event planner—and took up residence in rural Kingston to become farmers.

The well-being of LGBT workers has been at the heart of Pride at Work Canada’s mission from its start in 2008.

To survey the engagement on issues of importance to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, the non-profit presents its LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index, “Canada’s definitive national benchmark on LGBT-inclusive workplace practices and initiatives.” Four 2015 participants stand out for their level of commitment to equality:

I have been with my partner for about six years, and I think we have a pretty good thing. A few friends have expressed their worry about how much we bicker. The sniping has become so natural that I’ve stopped noticing just how much we do it—it’s something that happens at least once a day. These little fights blow over pretty quickly, but they feel stressful and make me feel less close to her. We seem to know how to press each other’s buttons. Considering just how much time we spend together (neither of us has many friends since moving to a new city), this can mean quite a bit of tension. We’ve talked it over, and we make promises to be kinder. But nothing really changes. What do you think we should do?

There is something that is both enchanting and exhilarating about getting lost in the labyrinth that is the souk. That’s the way Paul Brans, Oliver & Bonacini’s culinary stylist, describes his travels in Morocco. As you walk the winding streets, lined with lively stalls, you become intoxicated by the aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and henna; the sounds of energetic shopkeepers and snake charmers’ flutes; the tastes of saffron, cumin and fresh herbs; and the displays of hundreds of colourful slippers and carpets of floral and geometric designs. As Brans contends, “It is mesmerizing.”
This summer, you can invite your friends to experience this feast for the senses in your own backyard with the creative Brans’ tips on how to host a Moroccan-inspired barbecue.

Ten years ago this month I finished my medical training and started working in the real world. While my formal training ended in 2005, the learning continues and sometimes takes me by surprise. For example, it was only after listening to many guys describe their experience with anxiety that I started to recognize some of the symptoms in myself: the frequent racing heart, stomach cramps and flushing that I’d never paid much attention to before. Suddenly these symptoms organized themselves into a recognizable pattern. And only then did I see that I had started to avoid things that triggered these intense and unpleasant feelings.