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June’s Ontario election, which saw openly lesbian Kathleen Wynne easily elected premier, may have convinced many that the province no longer sees sexual orientation as an issue. But Toronto’s interminable mayoral campaign—which culminates on October 27—may very well shatter that carefully tended assumption.

My current relationship is on its last legs and I feel like I’m in a rut. Most of my relationships with these guys have lasted, at most, six months. The trouble is that I am 45 and only really attracted to guys in their early twenties—it’s the porn I watch, the guys I cruise, who I fantasize and imagine myself with. I love how fresh everything feels with these men and that they often look to me for advice about their troubles. My current bf has struggled with the drug and prostitution worlds. I had so much hope that I could show him a healthier path only to have his drug addiction ruin our relationship time and time again. Friends have encouraged me to widen my horizons and date closer to my age, but it would just feel unnatural and fake. Where do I go from here?


Trust the British to have a nickname for a naughty hotel stay. The “Mr & Mrs Smith” weekend is a pseudonym for a romantic escape for two. It’s also the name of an online boutique hotel finder that my partner and I turned to recently to unearth off-the-beaten-path places to lay our heads during an extra-long weekend in London.