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It’s a brand new year, so we all deserve to kick it off in some brand new clothes, right?
The problem is your boyfriend didn’t get you that sweater you wanted and your Mom somehow thought that acid wash jeans make a good gift. With the hectic holiday season at a close, it’s safe to say the last thing on your mind is setting foot in a mall, and let’s be honest, online shopping always just turns into paying shipping on pants that won’t fit.

I am hoping the New Year can bring about some change for my partner and I. We both struggle with our weight and have been unsuccessful with trying to change our habits of eating unhealthy foods and avoiding workouts. This struggle can tend to fuel tension and arguments between us where we blame each other for the problem. I tend to beat myself up for not going to the gym and when I do manage to get there I am so aware of how good everyone else looks and become so self-conscious about my growing belly. We are having less and less sex as we both feel crappy about our bodies and this isn’t helping matters much. How do we go about trying to get fitter without it creating so much stress and conflict?