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Profession Co-founder and creative partner of Boltz & Hase, Design Studio, www.boltzhase.de
Role Models My entire family, especially my sister—the person I admire and look up to

Ways You Overcame Any Anti-Gay Prejudices Coming out was not very difficult for me. My parents, family and friends haven been very supportive and welcoming of my partner into the family. I am so grateful to be living in a place that is so open and supportive of LGBTA rights.
Advice to Young People on Overcoming Biases in Sports Stay true to yourself, focus on your goals and don’t let anybody destroy your passion.
Personal Fitness Goals To bring my best to every sport activity in which I participate. If I reach my goal, I push myself to achieve that little bit more. Never stand still!
Fitness Strategy I focus on a healthy lifestyle, am active in a variety of sports activities, and
I work out regularly to maintain a good physique, so that I can be as good as I can at my sport.
Hobbies Beach volleyball, snowboarding, running and gymnastics. I am also interested in the art and design scenes.
Inspiration Source The people around me and their personal success. To see my family, friends and colleagues achieving their goals makes me proud and inspires me to do as well as they do or even better.
Best Life Lesson So Far I try to learn from my failings, acknowledge my limitations and set realistic goals for myself.

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