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PROFESSION Assistant buyer at Holt Renfrew


ROLE MODEL My grandfather lived such a balanced and meaningful life. He started as a newspaper boy and went on to build successful enterprises revolving around things he loved and that helped the community he cared for. At age 87, he managed to exercise every day, despite his hectic schedule. He’s taught me that you can do whatever you want as long as you put your heart and mind toward living life to the fullest.    

HOW SEXUALITY AFFECTED SPORTS ACTIVITIES GROWING UP I went to an all-boys school, and if you weren’t good at the most popular sport, you could lose a sense of camaraderie with peers.
I channelled my energy toward being great at a unique sport, tennis, which led me to be part of the school’s exclusive varsity team.

ADVICE TO YOUNG PEOPLE ON OVERCOMING SPORTS BIASES Choose a sport you can most relate to and be determined to be the best you can. Negativity will always be around, but choose to face your fears. That is what’s going to take you to the next level.  

FITNESS STRATEGY I love running outdoors three to four times a week—even in winter—while listening to my favourite tunes. I usually follow up with a yoga session to really stretch out my muscles. I also incorporate weight-training a couple of times a week. It’s important to be consistent and change it up when you get bored, and to exercise with friends and find new classes to go to so you stay motivated.

HOBBIES I live to travel the world, whether it’s exploring big metropolitan cities or discovering nature’s beauty. I love taking photos of beautiful scenic views.   

INSPIRATION SOURCES I’m inspired by a lot of young successful people including my friends at home and overseas. The great thing about today is that information is available with a tap of your phone through social media accounts. Everyone these days loves to share what they do and how they achieve their successes.  

BEST LIFE LESSON So Far The secret of happiness is the acceptance of yourself.



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