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Role Model My mother. If I amount to even a fraction of the person she is, then I will be happy. She’s the most loving and giving person I have ever met. She would always say: “Help others and give as much as you can, and life will give back to you in other rewarding ways.”
Ways You Overcame Any Anti-Gay Prejudices Humour was always my number-one weapon. I was always the first person to laugh at myself, which avoided others laughing at me. When I broke a chair in class, I stood up, laughed and waved the chair leg around as I took a bow. The result: warm applause.
Advice to Young People on Overcoming Biases in Sports Ignore any doubts in your head. The mind can be our worst enemy. If you can overcome your inner doubts, your confidence will shine through.
Personal Fitness Goals To push myself to be the absolute best version of me. In my humble opinion, many in the gay community have a goal of looking perfect, which I’m afraid is setting the wrong example for younger generations. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics, it’s time to put the focus on overall health and well-being.
Your Fitness Strategy I have made it a habit to run five times a week for cardio. I also do weights four or five times weekly, focusing on different body parts each day. From time to time
I throw something different into the mix, like a fitness class or yoga.
Hobbies Travelling is my biggest passion. I love discovering new places and trying new foods. It’s also nice to see how other people live for a bit of perspective.
Inspiration Source Social media. I love finding ideas I can apply to my life—in food, fitness, other activities. I’m also a “big brother” [through Big Brothers Big Sisters], and as much as my “little brother” learns from me, I learn from him.
Best Life Lesson So Far I’m going to take this one straight from my high school Buffy days: The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.  Love yourself and make the best of it!



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