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PROFESSION Student/Multi-media freelance writer
ROLE MODELS Never in a million years would I be who I am today without the guidance and love
I receive every day from my mother and sister.

HOW SEXUALITY AFFECTED SPORTS GROWING UP Growing up knowing I was different, I lacked the confidence to succeed in sports activities. There were few openly gay athletes to look up to. Athleticism was a hetero-dominant culture. I’ve learned that performance, especially in sports, works hand in hand with confidence.
WAYS YOU OVERCAME ANTI-GAY PREJUDICES Having a solid group of friends was very important. It’s your friends who are by your side every day at school, and as much as you will protect them, they will protect you. Now that we live in an era dominated by social media, I encourage everyone to follow a couple of LGBTQ icons, such as a Laverne Cox or Ellen DeGeneres.
ADVICE TO YOUNG PEOPLE OVERCOMING BIASES IN SPORTS It’s easier said than done, but the only way to overcome bias in sport is to completely forget about what others think of you. Too many times I missed out on playing with friends, because I couldn’t help but think everyone was watching, waiting for me to fail. That fear is all in your head.

FITNESS GOALS AND STRATEGY To become more in sync with your body, master the art of yoga and obtain a bum that rivals Khloe Kardashian’s. Never take more than a few days off from the gym and other physical activity. If you catch yourself falling out of your routine, maybe you’re getting bored: Try spicing things up with a new workout plan.
HOBBIES Eating happens to be my favourite thing in the world. I’m a foodie and just like all the other foodies, I’m always looking for my next snack.
INSPIRATION SOURCE My family. Also the men on Instagram with insane bodies always seem to keep me in check.
BEST LIFE LESSON SO FAR You can’t please everyone. If you strongly believe in what you’re doing, then that’s all that matters.

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