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By Bradley Blaylock   With Nike Air Max Month in full effect,

Must Have

Did you purge all of your unnecessary possessions when you


Therapeutic bath and body products help keep your aches, pains, stress and colds at bay By Adriana Ermter   We’re Canadians, we wait for it: springtime, the

Crossovers, sedans and “autonomous” driving rule the 2017 show By Casey Williams   Is it cold? Yes! Are cars on the mind? Absolutely—and that means it’s

Did you know that how you care for your teeth can affect your general health? By Karen Kwan A bright winning smile is always desirable, but

Without masculine and feminine labels directing each spritz, gender-free fragrances are empowering you to follow your nose By Adriana Ermter Recently, the fragrance gender lines have

It’s 2017! Nothing helps you keep those New Year’s resolutions like shiny new stuff   YOU WANT TO START RUNNING: Apple Watch Nike+ $489–$529 The much-hyped Nike-branded Apple

Sport-utility vehicles and crossovers have never been more popular By Casey Williams Electric cars took a back seat at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show (except

Target your facial conundrums and the season’s indoor/outdoor temperatures head-on by adding a mask to your weekly routine By Adriana Ermter   What we do behind closed

A few of our favourites from the models being rolled out for 2017 By Casey Williams   There are plenty of new or significantly refreshed cars and

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