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Justin Trudeau has confirmed that the Canadian government will formally apologize to gay men and women later this month

Lil Peep, who in just a few short years spearheaded a LGBTQ movement in hip hop, died Wednesday night at the age of 21

Star Trek: Discovery makes history with the franchise's first gay male kiss

Australians sent a firm message to politicians with a 'Yes' vote in favour of marriage equality

The Spice Girls will reportedly reunite for a TV special and compilation album next year — with Victoria Beckham

RuPaul's Drag Race star Milk transforms into Madonna and stars in the singer's glorious new skincare video

GLAAD's latest 'Where We Are On TV' study found that the number of LGBTQ characters on TV is at a record high

Danica Roem defeated a man who sponsored an anti-trans bathroom bill in Virginia in Tuesday’s election

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