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House hunters can be forgiven for reacting with a bit of skepticism when brokers speak of a home’s “good bones.” After all, the term can sometimes be code for a house that, despite it skeletal strength, requires considerable work to make it the nest of your dreams.


My partner and I are big fans of Montreal. “So what are we doing here?” he asked. “Here” was the deck of Holland America’s Veendam, as we prepared to set sail on the line’s St. Lawrence Seaway cruise.


All I could think of was that early grainy photo of Earth taken from outer space. There was something familiar yet distant about the sonogram image of my partner’s first grandchild. In staring at the black-and-white pictures of baby’s first snooze, I felt a strong connection to this incubating Einstein-to-be. But then came a question that tempered some of my joy: what would he or she—the three-month mark doesn’t tell you everything—call me?

If you’re looking for a flashy crossover to make a scene at your local scene, keep on driving. Although the Lexus RX essentially invented the mid-size luxury crossover market, and still dominates, it’s not about flash. And that’s exactly what makes it so cool: its luxury takes you away from it all.

As the French expression goes, vive la différence.

Anyone who’s ever been to the Schomberg, Ont., home of Philip Beatty and Steven Frankowski knows that a subsequent invitation is not to be turned down. “Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get to entertain nearly as much as we’d like to,” says Frankowski, who works for Rolex Canada, an hour’s drive away in Toronto. “But when we do entertain, we like to pamper our guests.”

A sampling with something for everyone on your holiday list

With the Sonic, you might say that Chevrolet went from worst to first in the subcompact segment. After decades of trying, it leads the pack when it was once embarrassed by it. Sonic is roomy, well built and expressively styled. If you get the sporty LTZ sedan, you’ll have a barnstormer with a price that won’t bust your bloomers.

Since we don’t all have a troupe of elves at our disposal, it only makes sense (and sometimes can save dollars) to get a little help: consider a caterer. “This approach both elevates your event while allowing you to be a guest,” advises Mark Budden, associate director of Oliver & Bonacini Events.

Winter’s near, and with the colder temps and drier air comes stressed-out skin. The seasonal toll taken by that late-night walk to the bar or early-morning run can be countered with these chilly-season skin-care essentials to help you save face—and the rest of the body.

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