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Canada's first gay right's case   In 1985, Brian Mossop, a gay man from Toronto, was denied bereavement leave to attend his partner’s father’s funeral. He

The Bad Old Days   How quickly an unassuming night can turn into a nightmare. That’s what happened to patrons of a Calgary bathhouse on December

Curtains!To say it was a daring move for 1932 is putting it mildly. A show titled The Incubator opened on Broadway and almost immediately

You might have expected it in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. But from a city in Manitoba? Not so much. So there was plenty of

It couldn’t have been more revolutionary: a television station devoted to the LGBT community of viewers. But on September 7, 2001—14 years ago this

Here comes the bride, here comes the groom. Only it’s Canada, July 2005, and the bride’s with a bride and the groom with a groom. That’s because after a series of legislative fits and starts, gay marriage had finally received full protection under the law.

To call it a game-changer is putting it mildly. In the wee hours of June 28, 1969, 46 years ago this month, the earth shifted for gays. That was the night of the Stonewall riots, a signal moment in the fight for LGBT equality.

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