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FLASHBACK: June 28, 1970 in LGBT history: The idea of a gay pride parade is born

The Aquarius bathhouse on Crescent Street in Montreal is firebombed

“Don’t leave me this way. I can’t survive, I can’t stay alive, without your love. Oh baby, don’t leave me this way”

A major step forward for what would become the modern LGBTQ rights movement

Six male police officers raid an all-female party at a Toronto bathhouse   On September 14, 2000, six police officers raided the Club Toronto bathhouse during

Canada's first gay right's case   In 1985, Brian Mossop, a gay man from Toronto, was denied bereavement leave to attend his partner’s father’s funeral. He

The Bad Old Days   How quickly an unassuming night can turn into a nightmare. That’s what happened to patrons of a Calgary bathhouse on December

Curtains!To say it was a daring move for 1932 is putting it mildly. A show titled The Incubator opened on Broadway and almost immediately

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