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The New Year brings with it many reasons to consider our future… We typically start by making resolutions that will result in healthier and happier versions of ourselves. Without a plan though, do these resolutions ever become a reality? It is often said that failing to plan is planning to fail. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to make note of a few simple best practices that you can easily put into place to help ensure your happy and healthy retirement.


As you recover from yet another holiday celebration, I imagine you’re focusing on wellness as part of your New Year’s resolution. To make progress,

It should be the most wonderful time of the year, but the holiday season can sometimes be the most stressful. Besides all the socializing,

At some point in our lives, most of us have considered owning our own business. In fact, I can think of few things more

The topic of insurance does not generate much enthusiasm in most of us. If it weren’t mandatory, many wouldn’t pay for car insurance (I

There are so many heart-wrenching problems that are depicted in the media. In reality, you aren’t expected to help every cause you come across. But some of the most effective donors develop a philanthropic plan, and devote their money and energy to a few specific causes important to them.


Looking back, I realize how I was brainwashed by those Hollywood movies that made me believe starting a family would be a snap. The typical story line was: boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married and then children appear. Everything looked so effortless.

The temperature is rising, and summer is in the air. It’s time to finally say goodbye to the last traces of Old Man Winter and savour some fun in the sun!

It’s something high on many a bucket list, somewhere between a luxury car and a personal yacht. Though sometimes a fanciful notion, purchasing a vacation property should not be taken lightly, and your decision ought to be made after evaluating many important personal and financial considerations. I know, because a couple years ago my husband and I bought a vacation home. Here are some things all would-be second-property buyers should take into account:

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