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Charlie Carver has been making headlines ever since he came out as gay with a touching message that’s inspiring the LGBT community and fans

In a certain sense, Zachary Quinto is something of a pioneer. Despite remarkable progress for LGBT people in the mainstream media, so many Hollywood

Less than a year after winning his first Oscar for his portrayal of famed physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne

The Rebel Heart Tour continues its sweep across Canada, after last month’s appearance in Montreal. The tour coincides with the release of an album

As it turns 40 years old this month, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is offering one of the most promising batches of LGBT-interest

We watched the dynamic Ricky Martin grow up before our very eyes. And they’ve been eyes we couldn’t quite take off of the heartthrob

To paraphrase that snarky commercial tag line, don’t hate him because he’s beautiful. Yes, he’s supremely good looking and, as his Broadway, TV and film credits attest, a canny entertainer blessed with deft timing. Oh, did we mention a set of pipes that could make angels think about taking voice lessons?

As gay icons go, they don’t get much bigger—or louder—than Joan Rivers. You want to talk bitchy? She wrote the book, literally. Listening to her critique a celebrity’s fashion sense, you couldn’t help but be reminded of your own dinner conversations with friends or chatter at the bar. And there was something more than a wee bit familiar about her obsession with great grooming and impeccable style.

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