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Let’s take a chance and be kinder to each other By Paul Gallant   Years ago, when I was a more careless and less informed person, I

New enterprise will help combat the AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa By Daniel Mitri   This May, the Stephen Lewis Foundation launched the LGBTQ Initiative, aimed to

Being the only single one in your group of friends sucks By Adam Segal   I feel like I’m being left behind. Most of my friends, straight

For some in the LGBT community, determining how to start or even grow their families can be financially challenging By Al Ramsay & Orlando Lopez   Starting

Dating is hard for anyone, but dating while positive can pose some unique challenges By Adam Segal   About six months ago, I was diagnosed as HIV

Survey takes the pulse of Canadian workplaces By Colin Druhan and Jacq Hixson-Vulpe   Lots of employers want potential customers, clients and job seekers to see them

Unmasking the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves to avoid being seen By Jumol Royes   Start a conversation about being vulnerable and take note of

IN’s Wheels columnist, Casey Williams, shares the story behind his new book   In the fall of 2010, my husband and I decided to adopt. We

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