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Casey House’s peer program manager talks about the podcast, Positively Speaking

Spring forward! Here comes the revolution. By Casey Williams   If you think automotive technology revolves around tape decks and anti-lock brakes, you probably still yearn to

Most people are familiar with blatant forms of biphobia, homophobia and transphobia such as slurs, other inappropriate language and the classic “that’s so gay!”

If we look at HIV rates all over the Western world, we see that while new infections are happening less and less frequently in

There are two things that mark the end of fall in my clinic: Flu shots arrive, and men start coming to see me for

For many, perhaps most, of those in the LGBT community born after, say, 1985, there was never any question about being “out.” Indeed, the

Although the health risks of obesity have been recognized for years, the true extent of these risks has only been realized in the last

For some reason, human beings spend a third of their lives asleep. For the lucky few for whom sleep comes easily, bedtime is a

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