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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 4 Recap: The Ball Ball

I don’t know why you’re gagging. They bring it to you every ball…
How is everybody holding up? It’s been a bit of a rough week all over the world. But at least we can all depend on our favourite weekly drag competition to brighten our Friday night… if only for one short hour. The last time we were with our season 12 queens, Sherry Pie had been officially disqualified from the finale of the show, and we had said goodbye to our first queen of the season, who proved to be a bit of a poor sport about it. Hey, all is fair in acting challenges, and lip syncs.
We first meet up with our cast back in the werk room following Dahlia Sin’s elimination. The queens look like they have been THROUGH it. As per usual, it’s finally gotten real that girls are going to be sent home weekly. This is of course, a shocking revelation. Brita and Sherry are still coming for Aiden, and some of the other queens are frustrated that they all weren’t in the top. The safe queens, unsurprisingly all agree in their interviews that they need to “STEP UP THEIR GAME”. The next day in the werk room the queens gather around the big pink table, and are quickly interrupted by a Ru video message, which was very ball-heavy. Ru enters and introduces the mini challenge, which has something to do with dressing up like a bumblebee in quick drag to raise awareness of the declining numbers of bees all over the world. This challenge was essentially a dance battle, which are always a little fun to watch. Ru crowned Gigi Goode as Queen Bee of the mini challenge. Onto more important issues, this week’s maxi challenge is FINALLY a Ball challenge! The queens must deliver three looks, in three different categories. The first being “Lady Baller”, “Basketball Wife Realness”, and “Balls to the Walls Eleganza” which must be hand made with the materials provided in the werk room. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten a design challenge, and we are STARVING for it henny. There will of course be a queen or two who doesn’t know how to sew and will inevitably use hot glue to put it together. Will they pull the gag off?
On the design floor, Crystal has a clear concept, and the confidence to pull it off. Nicky believes she can maintain her fashion queen edge through the challenge, and Gigi explains that as a seamstress, the pressure is on for her to deliver a to-die-for look. As expected, some of the other queens are starting to freak out since they can’t construct an outfit for their lives. As time passes, dress hems are starting to unravel, and it could truly be anybody’s ball. Aiden worries that her corset is a bit simple for the challenge, and some of the other queens call her out the following day on not giving the challenge her all.

Elimination/ball day is here, and the garmets are finished, and a lot of them are looking like the sale aisle at a Michaels craft store. They won’t be able to hide behind them much longer because it’s time for the ball. Guest judging on the runway this week is comedian/Drag Race superfan Leslie Jones, which is also the closest we, as fans, will ever get to ever being a guest judge on this show. First category “Lady Baller”, a fun category that also looked a lot like a Halloween party I went to in 2009. The second category “Basketball wife realness” was a bit boring if I’m being honest, but we all know the star of the show is the last category, featuring the handmade looks the queens made backstage. It’s time, “Balls to the Wall Eleganza” is in full swing , and as expected, Nicky Doll, and Gigi Goode both pulled it out with stunning looks. Surprisingly, Heidi pulled through once again, and delivered a stellar look. She will be one to watch grow in the competition. Ru decides that Jackie, Crytsal, Jan, Heidi, Sherry, and Widow are safe for the week. The judges praise Nicky Doll on all three of her looks, and encouraged her to keep pushing herself to show her personality. Not surprisingly, the judges read Aiden’s simple corset. They also read Rock for being too much. Brita also got some harsh critiques for her looks, while Jaida, and Gigi received praise from the judges on their complex, and diverse concepts through all three categories of the ball.
Following deliberations Ru decides to save Nicky Doll, Jaida, and Aiden. Gigi Goode was crowned the winner of the week (winning both the mini and maxi challenge of the week). Rock M, and Brita are chosen to lip sync for their lives. The queens perform to S&M by the queen Rihanna. Rock spent the first while of it ripping her dress apart, but quickly turned it out and delivered trick after trick. After a tough battle Ru said “Shantay you Stay” to Brita, and asked Rock M Sakura to “Sashay Away”. Rock gave us the opposite of last week’s departure, as she was visibly upset to leave. We know we’ll be seeing more of you girl!
Front runner of the week: Once again, it’s going to my girl Gigi Goode, though if Nicky Doll can incorporate more of her goofy personality on the runway she could be a contender.
Joy-Sparker of the week: I nominate Leslie Jones to be a permanent judge on the show. She was everything of the sort.
What we’ll see next week: People of ShondaLand rejoice! The queens deliver some overacting in an episode of Gay’s Anatomy!
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