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Kristine W Is Ready To Release Her Issues

Billboard Magazine‘s “Dance Music Artist of the Decade” opens up about her experiences with Love… and Lies
By Hailey Robertson
It’s been five years since the release of Kristine W’s last album, New & Number Ones. That album included re-edited versions of six of her classics and introduced new hits like “Everything That I Got” and “Love Come Home.”
The first part of her new album, Issues, is set to release the first part of 2020. It’s called “Love and Lies” and will include “Stars”, Kristine’s 17th Billboard #1 that now ties her with Mariah Carey for the sixth-most number ones on the Billboard Club chart, and her next sure-to-be hit, “Just a Lie,” out now.  We spoke with the diva from her Las Vegas home.
Why did you decide to break Issues up into three parts?
I thought it would be fun to present the music like chapters in a book or a TV series, where they all have a common thread and fans can look forward to the next creative episode. Episode One is called Love and Lies. Episode 2 will deal with the struggles of relationships, work, self-esteem, and lack of time and Episode 3 will be about redemption and celebrating all the small victories of life.
The first single off ISSUES will be “Just a Lie.”  Was it inspired by your recent divorce?
I started writing the song about four years ago and initially, it was about death and the loss we experience with it.  But then two years ago, I found out there was a third party involved in my marriage and the song began to morph into something very personal to me. It got me to thinking how very similar divorce is to a death. You grieve the loss of the relationship, the breakup of the family, the betrayal, the time you invested, so many things. What starts as just a lie often grows into a tornado of them.
Was the divorce a result of an affair?
That and more. I eventually learned he had leveraged our family home to purchase a new house for his new family.
That’s terrible!
Wendy Williams and I could really have a kiki over our husband drama. You know, you don’t go into a marriage thinking you’re going to be divorced, especially when you’ve been together for a long time and you’ve worked through so many tough times. At first, I thought we were going to get through the infidelity but, sometimes it’s better for your sanity to let go and let God show you what’s best.
Are you fully healed today?
I think so but it took a long time to get over the pain. I had to learn how to deal with my anger and sadness. My friends were invaluable. Also, my kids were very strong for me, and perfect reminders that while the marriage gave me my biggest heart break, it also gave me my two greatest blessings.
How does “Just a Lie” compare with the rest of the tracks on Love and Lies?
There are eight songs in ISSUES: Episode One “Love and Lies”. They all deal with love in its complexities and the lies and deception we are either told by others or that we tell ourselves.
“White Girls” seems to take things in a happier, more optimistic direction.
That track was inspired by the amazing hip-hop dancing style of Tabitha D’umo from So You think You Can Dance. Tab danced and choreographed for my Stronger album tour with RCA. I’ve never forgotten watching her on stage and how she would leave people speechless with her killer hip-hop moves that were so unexpected from such a beautiful, petite dancer.
Can you imagine finding love again, Kristine?
Yes, I can see myself finding love again. It’s going to have to be a healthier, more honest union of love and friendship. No more lies and deception for me!  But yes, I’m ready to get my groove back.
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