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The First Trailer For The New ‘Batwoman’ Series Is Very Gay

The upcoming CW series will feature Ruby Rose as the titular lesbian superhero…
The CW has dropped the trailer for the forthcoming Batwoman series. The sneak peek gives viewers a glimpse at the lesbian superhero’s origin story — and villain-crushing moves.
Australian actress Ruby Rose suited up to play the title character.
The story will follow Kate Kane (Batwoman’s “civilian” name) as she is sent away from Gotham City by her father, Jacob Kane. When she returns, she discovers that her girlfriend Sophie Moore (Megan Tandy) has been captured by a gang. Of course, the leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding heroine is determined to find her. But she needs the proper attire.
The trailer suggests that fans will see a lot more of Batwoman’s lesbian relationship when the show airs. You can watch the trailer below:

When it hits the air, Batwoman will be the first openly LGBT+ live-action superhero to lead a TV show.
Batwoman is set to air on The CW this fall.



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