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7 Of The Best Catchphrases From RuPaul’s Drag Race

The words that shaped an entire culture…
Over the years, Drag Race has provided us with some of the most iconic, and hilarious catchphrases that have shaped an entire culture, no, generation. There are countless quotes that we all use on the daily, but some are just more iconic than others. Hey, I didn’t make the rules here. These are some of the catchiest, relevant, and iconic quotes/catchphrases that were born/brought to us by Drag Race, and where to use them in your every day life.
7. “Not today Satan!” and “Baloney!” – Bianca Del Rio, Season 6
Bianca Del Rio, AKA the clown queen of sass could make pretty much any of her phrases iconic. But these two of hers take the cake. These days you can find “Not today Satan” on anything from t-shirts, to enamel pins, and we just know this queen had an impact. Both of these phrases are semi-aggressive, and you can interchange them.
Where to use it: On days where the world is testing you / during an argument when you have nothing to add to your point, but you want to be the last to speak.
6. “Party” – Adore Delano, Season 5
Okay, so technically Adore didn’t come up with this phrase, but she made an impact with it. The phrase become synonymous with Adore’s “I don’t care” attitude. It was even used by Katya in AS2 during elimination deliberations in a truly iconic moment.
Where to use it: For anything that is the exact opposite of a party.
Friend 1: I’m going to be late, my Uber is stuck in traffic.
Friend 2: “Party”.
5. Alyssa Edwards’ tongue pop – Alyssa Edwards, Season 5
Alyssa Edwards is an iconic queen for a lot of reasons, but her legendary tongue pops are a big part of what makes her one of the best. Tongue pops aren’t easy to do, but once you master the art, the possibilities and opportunities to use them are endless. I once spent a whole summer teaching myself how to do the perfect tongue pop, and it’s now my main form of communication. Thanks Alyssa!
Where to use it: Literally anywhere, for any reason, at any time.
4. “Facts are facts America” – Monique Heart, Season 10
This may be one of the newer phrases on the list, but it became a top phrase from the moment the words left Monique’s lips last year. Monique had a number of memorable catchphrases (Oooh, Ahhh Sensation, and Brown Cow…STUNNING). This is another quote that can get your point across, and end an argument. I have used this phrase a number of times, despite not actually talking to anyone in America. Stunning!
Where to use it: When you are spilling some hard to swallow tea, sis.
Example: “There wasn’t supposed to be two winners at the end of All Stars, and you can tell it was thrown together from the messy editing. Facts are facts America.”
3. “I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear” – Roxxxy Andrews, AS2
Arguably, and obviously, the worst verse in Read U, Wrote U from All Stars 2, Roxxxy Andrews also gave us the lyrics seen on a million memes. This is a catchphrase that can be sung, or simply stated, but it makes just as much of an impact either way.
Where to use it: While dropping some important information in the group chat.
2. “This is NOT RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!” – Lashauwn Beyond, Season 4
This catchphrase is unique on this list because I think it may continue to be used in every single season of Drag Race that followed its origins in Season 4. Lashauwn Beyond didn’t know the magic she was creating while originally uttering the words during an episode of Untucked. Not to worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to use this, even if you aren’t competing to be America’s next drag superstar.
Where to use it: When your boss tells you to “put your differences aside” and “check your attitude” to work on a project with the one co-worker you can’t stand.
1. “Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie… Miss…. Vanjie.” – Vanessa Vanjie Matteo, Season 10
In what could have so easily been a throwaway moment after Vanessa Matteo was sent home first in Season 10, she decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Following the episode, the phrase blew up, and Vanessa made her impact on the show despite going home first. The phrase was so iconic, that Ru even had a necklace made that said “Vanjie” on it. Last year at Pride before a show started, the crowd was silent before a single person broke the silence with a single “Vaaaannnjiieee”, which then resulted in about 300 more people responding. It was chaotic, and beautiful.
Where to use it: While exiting a room, or while trying to find a friend/ ally in a crowded public space.

Drag Race has provided us with so many incredible catchphrases, and new queens on the show continue to do so. If you’re using the phrases in your everu day life, they’ve made an impact bigger than you’ve even realized. How cool is that?!


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