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Sex Advice: Keep Your Love Life Interesting

Successful relationships require a good amount of work, fresh ideas and dedicated love…
Being in a relationship with someone for long periods of time can become boring if you don’t actively try to keep things fresh and exciting. So step out of your comfort zone! It’s a new year – do something different with your love. Below are some ideas that might inspire you to try something new and help keep your relationship exciting. Trust us… You’ll be happy you did.
Plan a night in
No TV, no cellphones, no emails. Make a nice dinner, buy a bottle of something nice to share, and prepare a series of questions…talk about your fantasies, talk about one or two things you would like to try this year. Set some relationship goals, and sign off on them like they’re a contract you can’t get out of. Remind your partner(s) why you love them.
Visit your local sex store
May we recommend Seduction Love Boutique (577 Yonge St.)… Wherever you go, aim to buy at least one new product that you can enjoy together. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a sex toy (although watching each other get off with one is kind of hot); in fact, it could be a game, massage oil, a stimulant, a fetish piece, new outfits… your options are limitless. Let the expert staff guide you.
Role-play like a pro
Pick a busy place to meet, and show up separately. Role-play a little: pretend you don’t know each other, and meet each other for the first time all over again. Create a new person to be for the night. Buy your partner a drink, introduce yourself, and engage with each other…let it get a little steamy. Go home together and just have fun. It may seem like a silly idea, but it’s worth the fun to see how it all plays out.
Visit a consensual playground for adults
Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto lets couples explore a different world. Let your surroundings inspire new and creative ways to play. Of course, you don’t have to partake in anything going on in the venue – you can just observe and keep a list for later.
Try new things
The worst that can happen is that you agree it’s not for you. And the best? I leave that to your imagination.

ASHLEY LE FEUVRE-WILLIAMS is an essential part of the team at Seduction Love Boutique, being one of two main contributors to the Toronto stores’ marketing department as well as a dedicated sales manager. Seduction has proudly served the community since 1998; follow it on Instagram: @SeductionTO.



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