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Check Out The Sexy Ad Campaign For ES Collection’s New ‘Dystopia’ Line

Gay-owned ES Collection has released the ad campaign for their newest activewear line for men and women…
Spanish underwear and fashion brand ES Collection has released a super sexy ad campaign to help promote their latest activewear collection for men and women.
Designer Carmen Monforte draws inspiration from films like MadMax, Blade Runner, and Waterworld, and books like 1984, imagining a post-apocalyptic world with intricate pieces that combine leathers with mesh and cotton with metal.
“Dystopia is a futuristic collection that spotlights male and female survivors of a global catastrophe,” she explains. “It was fun to create as traditional aesthetic patterns gave way to exciting new concepts and paradigms.”
The campaign was shot by photographer Alejandro Brito in Barcelona at Can Batlló (an old fabric factory) and at a freight train station in the city’s harbour.
Check out a few highlights from ES Collection’s super sexy ‘Dystopia’ ad campaign below:




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