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Marvel Puts Iceman Back In The Closet

The final issue of the X-Men Extermination series puts Iceman back in the closet…
The X-Men are basically a long-running soap opera that gets complicated and very often doesn’t make sense no matter what universe or time stream they’re in. What you can always count on is that when new writers come on a title or when upper management decides on a new editorial change, some readers are going to get very mad because the decision just doesn’t make any sense, especially if you’re a fan of a young time-displaced mutant named Bobby Drake aka Iceman.
In 2015, in the 40th issue of All-New X-Men, the time-displaced Bobby Drake was outed by Jean Grey who discovered this via her telepathic powers. This was important because the older version of Iceman had always been written as straight. After the reveal, Iceman became the first gay lead to headline a Marvel comic book and got rave reviews from the LGBTQ2 community. (Yes, Northstar but he was never a core member of the X-Men.)
However, according to the Gay Times, with the final issue of the X-Men Extermination series, which is a fix-it for the time-displacement, writers Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz have put Iceman back in the closet.
The plot has the younger X-Men going back to their time, erasing all their memories. That means that they have to go back to who they were and go through what the older team did: Jean Grey will become the Phoenix, Beast will become blue and furry, Cyclops will kill Professor X and Iceman will go back in the closet.
Fans are naturally upset and outraged, seeing this as blatant disregard for the readers and Iceman’s character development. Considering this is a series that has time travel, multiple universes, zombies, psychic claws, etc., we’re not sure why Iceman has to go back into the closet.

  • Robbie March 18, 2019

    As a bisexual man, I never agreed with turning Drake gay. It felt phony and like reverse conversion therapy to a character that’s been straight for decades. In the case of Colossus in the Ultimate comics, it made sense since it was an alternate reality that was free to do whatever the writers wanted. I figured that they’d pull some kind of time warp wibbly wobbly trick to fix it, but it feels like a band-aid like when Magneto went crazy murdering people in awful, Hitler-esque ways, only to be revealed that it was “someone else” all along — never mind the behind the scenes drama where the authors and editors were scrambling to patch up the massive waves of hatred they were receiving from that narrative decision.

  • Caca June 4, 2019

    Thank God he aint gay i dont support


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