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Keiynan Lonsdale Says His Preferred Pronoun Is ‘Tree’

The Flash and Love, Simon star broke down his thoughts on sexuality and pronouns in an Instagram live Q&A with fans…
Keiynan Lonsdale is tired of all the labels.
The actor, who is best known for roles as Bram in gay teen romance Love, Simon and Wally West in the TV show The Flash, addressed his sexuality and his preferred pronouns during an Instagram Live Q&A on Tuesday.
“I’m still surprised I get this question. I came out last year as not straight,” Lonsdale said. “Now it just depends on the day, sometimes I’m bisexual, sometimes I’m gay, sometimes I feel straight, sometimes I’m not anything. It doesn’t matter. Either way, through all that, I’m Keiynan. So if your question is, ‘Am I Keiynan?’ Yes, I am Keiynan.”
And do not get him started on pronouns.
“Okay, this might sound stupid but I don’t care. I don’t think this is offensive… but I don’t want to go by ‘he’ anymore, I just want to go by ‘tree.’ I want people to call me ‘tree’ because we all come from trees, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a he or a she or they or them,” Lonsdale explained. “At the end of the day, everyone’s a tree.”
“I want to call my friends tree, and me tree, and everyone tree,” he continued. “So, I think like when people ask me what my preferred pronoun is, I’m going to say ‘tree’. I’m not high by the way, this is just me.”

  • Christopher King September 26, 2018

    Thank you to someone in mainstream media officially finally admitting that this whole pronoun nonsense is stupid

  • Calvin Thompson November 16, 2020

    I agree that it’s stupid, gender as a whole is stupid, but we should still respect what people want to be called. It’s not a matter of it being stupid, it’s just being nice 🙂


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