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Watch Moms Open Up About Raising Gay Boys

Video shines a spotlight on the special bond between gay sons and their moms…
Most gay guys are self-admitted mama’s boys and proud of it.
My mom and I share a special connection. As a young boy growing up, I was always by her side. I can clearly remember being her little helper in the kitchen as she baked Jamaican-style banana cake (it’s still one of my favourite things to eat). While we’ve had our share of ups and downs over the years, the one thing that’s remained the same is our unconditional love for one another. My mom is the strongest and most compassionate person I know and she inspires me to do my best and be my best every single day.
In his new video, MAMA SAID: Gay Sons & their Moms, psychotherapist and self-professed mama’s boy Matthew Dempsey recruits his friends to explore the dynamic between mothers and their gay sons.
“Gay guys and their moms often have a special bond and a uniquely close relationship. For many of us, our moms were the first ones who let us open up emotionally, trusted our fashion advice, laughed in support when we broke in their new heels at home, and invited us to gab at the dessert table with their girlfriends. Our moms gave us license to set down the pretense of how a ‘real boy’ was supposed to be and allowed us to just be ourselves,” says Dempsey.
Moms are known to ask a lot of questions, but Dempsey and his buddies turn the tables on them to find out what it was like raising gay sons.
When asked what her biggest fear was for her gay adult son, one mom replies, “I don’t have any…no I don’t…I’m so proud of you, and you are so comfortable in your skin, and you know yourself…I have no fear.”
Watch the hilarious and heartwarming video:

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