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A Trans Woman Live-Tweets Her Grandmother’s Response To Her Coming Out

Her nerve-wracking experience on Twitter immediately went viral…
A trans woman is going viral after live-tweeting her 86-year-old Catholic grandmother’s amazing response to her coming out. Leah Hintz, a 20-year-old woman from Florida, chronicled her coming out experience on Twitter over the weekend.
As PinkNews pointed out, Hintz’s tweets began with: “so umm… i’m coming out to my dad and my grandma as a trans woman today!! this is how i’ll look when i tell them!! & i’m super nervous!! (please send help).”
But soon after, she posted a picture with her 86-year-old grandma, complete with a very sweet caption:
“You’ve always been so kind and sensitive. Now I see femininity in those memories. “I’m proud of you for recognizing who you are and living as your true self. You’re a beautiful woman and, no matter who you become, I love you.”

In a follow up, Hintz added: “I showed my grandma all the wonderful replies here. She was overwhelmed and speechless for a few moments. She told me it fills her with hope that the world has become so compassionate since she was my age. Thank you everyone for making her day… She made mine.”
Coming out to her father was also a positive experience. Recording the conversation, her dad said: “You’re my child and I love you. Loving you means supporting you, even if it’ll be a learning experience for me.’”
The post has gone viral on Twitter with over 19,000 retweets and 171,000 likes to date.



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