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Watch The Trailer For ‘The Happy Prince’ With Rupert Everett As Oscar Wilde

The trailer for The Happy Prince, a new film about Oscar Wilde’s final years, has dropped – and it looks incredible…
Rupert Everett is getting ready to release The Happy Prince, a film that details the great playwright Oscar Wilde’s final years in exile. Building on his 2012 portrayal of Wild in David Hare’s The Judas Kiss, Everett wrote, directs and stars in the upcoming film.
The Happy Prince depicts Wilde’s final years exiled in Europe, haunted by his two-year imprisonment for gross indecency with men under the UK’s historic anti-gay laws.
Wilde, who had a string of male lovers, was famously arrested and sent to Reading Gaol in 1895. His time behind bars was the basis for his final piece of work, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, a long poem in which he reflected on the harsh rhythms of his daily prison life. He died in 1900, just three years after being released from prison.
An official description of the film reads: “The film opens in Paris, where Wilde, by now in his forties, penniless and in poor health, is still reeling after being imprisoned in England for his love affair with Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas (Colin Morgan).”
“Out of prison but a pariah, Wilde swings between grief and a determination to wrest whatever pleasure and beauty he can from the time he has left.”
In the voiceover in the just-released trailer, Wilde remarks regretfully: “I love him as I always did – with a sense of tragedy and ruin.”
He adds: “There’s no mystery so great as suffering, and suffering is nothing when there is love.
“Love is everything.”
You can watch the trailer for Rupert Everett’s The Happy Prince below:




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