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Canada’s National Anthem Is Now Officially Gender-Neutral

“In all of us command”…
Canada’s national anthem is now officially gender neutral after legislation altering the lyrics received royal assent on Wednesday morning, and was signed into law by the Governor General’s secretary, Assunta Di Lorenzo, as Gov.-Gen.
Members of Parliament broke into applause after singing the new, gender-neutral lyrics to O Canada in the House of Commons, just hours after the lyric became official.
It changes the second line of the anthem’s English version to “in all of us command” from “in all thy sons command.”
The new wording comes after a years-long effort to make the anthem more inclusive. The effort was spearheaded by late Liberal MP Mauril Belanger.
Belanger died two years ago after being diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.
His widow, Catherine Belanger, was present in the Commons on Wednesday and said that while the road has been long she is overjoyed her husband’s dying wish has been fulfilled.



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