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Concerns Continue To Grow In Toronto’s Gay Village

As Toronto’s gay village disappearances rise, concerned locals urge the community to look out for each other…
High-profile cases of missing women from Toronto’s LGBTQ neighbourhood turning up dead have once again raised safety concerns in the Church and Wellesley area.
Toronto police have ruled the death of Tess Richey, 22, a homicide. Last seen alive on November 25, her body was allegedly discovered by her mother four days later.

Police are still looking to identify a man she was seen with, calling on the public to contact with any information.

Another high-profile disappearance was that of Alloura Wells. A 27-year-old trans woman who was well known in the Village, she went missing in July. Sex work advocacy organization Maggie’s spearheaded increased media attention and held a community search in November. Her body was found in August, but wasn’t identified until late last month.

A Facebook user has posted screenshots indicating that the Church-Wellesley Neighbourhood Association is hoping to host a volunteer safety walk, but the group has yet to publicly post about the walk.

Missing Village residents have been a public concern for some time.
As Torontoist notes, around 11 men who have disappeared from the neighbourhood have been circulated in a Facebook meme, although a police task force assembled earlier this year had failed to find any connections between the disappearances.
Although worries over a potential serial killer surfaced, Toronto police Det. Sgt. Michael Richmond told Inside Toronto in November that collected evidence doesn’t confirm or deny the theory so far.
Concerned Torontonians are expressing their worries over potentially targeting of vulnerable queer and trans locals.

Many are cautioning those who frequent the Village to be vigilant and check in with loved ones, volunteering to be there for anyone traveling alone.




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