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Kelly Ripa Reveals New Co-Host for ‘Live With Kelly’

By: Bradley Blaylock


And the search has finally come to an end.


Much like Paris Hilton in search for a new BFF, Live With Kelly had spent a year in pursuit of a friendly face to sit next to Kelly Ripa on her morning talk show.



The announcement came this morning as she teased her eager audience with the news, “today, the next chapter of the Live story is about to be written,” Ripa said. After the first commercial break, Ripa revealed that her new co-host is the ever-so-handsome, Ryan Seacrest. Making the new title of the show, Live With Kelly and Ryan.


“Nice to see you, partner” Seacrest exclaimed as he got comfortable in his new chair. “I couldn’t be more excited to be here with you.”



After mentioning to his friends that he had a big announcement, Seacrest told the audience that they had guessed everything from him getting engaged, to coming out of the closet. “If you want to get engaged or have a baby or come out of the closet all of those things are possible. This is a safe safe zone,” Ripa replied.


After last years debacle with former co-host Michael Strahan, we couldn’t be happier to have Seacrest continue the joy of the show.


Do you agree with their decision to make Ryan Seacrest Kelly’s new co-host? Comment below!