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Top 3 Toronto Coffee Spots For A First Date

Ready to ask your new crush on that first date? Here are three Toronto coffee spots where you can break the ice…

By: Didier Young

Instagram: Didieryhc


According to a dating lore rendered popular by television and film companies, all relationships start with a cup of coffee. Whether it is with a new friend or meeting a suitor, you never know how the chemistry might be on a first date. Grabbing a coffee allows you to cut the meeting short if it’s not going well and if things are smooth sailing, it acts as the perfect prelude to a movie or grabbing dinner. However, while planning out a first meeting, one might wish to find the perfect setting to create the right atmosphere. Here are three options, both appealing to the eyes and to the palate. 


1. NEO

The Japanese influenced coffee shop located at King and Frederick St creates the perfect atmosphere for a day time date. With its softly diffused light and exposed concrete walls, the shop always has a soothing and inviting effect on people. Along with serving coffee made with excellent Demello beans, NEO offers ,undeniably, the best matcha latte in the city. The pastries are baked in house and the selection ranges from a fantastic blackberry and blueberry muffin to a gluten-free Orange Dark chocolate roll cake, making sure that there is a suitable treat option for both you and your date.

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With four locations in the GTA, Boxcar Social has definitely been making its mark on the Toronto coffee scene. Known for its signature dark atmosphere and rugged looks, Boxcar is also liquor licensed which means that after 11am, one may be able to order a glass of wine or some whiskey at the counter. After 6pm, all locations provide the patrons with an option of charcuterie and cheese boards along with sandwiches and olive bowls, which makes Boxcar social the perfect location to prolong your date until the later hours of the day.




Located at Dundas and Brock, Safehouse Coffee is the most laid-back of the three options. The shop has a rustic charm that is un-replicable, always plays good music at a tasteful level and the staff is super friendly. The coffee beans used come from Toronto roaster Pilot Coffee and the pastries are brought in from the Leslieville location of Desmond and Beatrice. If you’re looking to have a casual and chill date then Safehouse Coffee is definitely the place you’d want to be at.



There are numerous beautiful places in Toronto where one could grab a coffee but those three have truly had an impact on me. Those places all have their own unique charms and personalities which will make them the perfect  supporting character to your picture perfect date.




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