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Knock ’Em Out

Yes, you’re fabulous! Still, there are times you want to tszuj yourself up for a special occasion. Like maybe you and your partner are getting hitched, or you’ve been invited to your ex’s wedding…and his fiancé is a dead ringer for David Beckham. Whatever your motivation, here’s a plan to look like the best version of you.

1. Starting now: De-junk your diet Rather than starting a radical diet, focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein. Cutting back on carbs will help banish bloating, while drinking several glasses of water daily will make skin look more luminous.

2. 12 weeks before: Peel it In the pursuit of younger-looking skin, many people think of Botox. And there’s no question injecting botulinum toxin type A into muscles can temporarily smooth crow’s feet and frown lines. But if improved skin texture is your goal, consider professional peels, which target wrinkles, large pores and brown spots (the last being especially important since studies show hyperpigmentation can raise one’s perceived age by up to 20 years). Superficial peels, often using glycolic acid, are popular because they require minimal downtime. They usually involve about six treatments (separated by two weeks) for best results. Peels should be done in the office of a dermatologist or other qualified medical practitioner, and apply sunscreen daily post-treatment.

3. Four weeks before: Brighten Aging, combined with consuming the likes of berries, red wine and coffee, can darken teeth. Among the most effective ways to revive that smile are professionally dispensed take-home kits featuring custom-made whitening trays. Your dentist will supervise treatment, with maximum results usually achieved in a month. Before whitening, ask your dentist if your teeth have a yellow or a grey tone, as the latter don’t brighten as effectively.

4. One week before: Slay greys  If you think your hair says “grandpa” and not “Anderson Cooper,” see a professional colourist. At-home colour kits are affordable but often result in an unnatural shade. Instead, look for a salon that offers colour camouflage, a popular service that blends away some grey.


Tracy Howard is a writer and editor specializing in lifestyle topics. She’s the creator of beautyinthemiddle.com, a blog that takes an inside-out approach to looking good and feeling good at any age.