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Berlin has always held a special fascination for bohemians of every stripe, but in the late 1920s, it was definitely the place to be gay. Rent boys and gay bars were open for business day and night. Drag shows and fresh beer flowed into the streets. Berlin became a magnet for LGBT pilgrims from around the world, including two impressionable young Englishmen who made the city their home during that tumultuous time. The poet W.H.

With her very first novel, Annie Weatherwax is enjoying the kind of success that more seasoned authors envy. All We Had (Simon & Schuster) was released last year to strong reviews and was an editor’s pick for Oprah’s Book Club—a major coup in literary circles. The attention is only growing: All We Had has caught the eye of Katie Holmes, who optioned the book for a movie the actress hopes will mark her directorial debut.

Ah, Vienna, the city of balls. (Okay, quit the snickering.) Maybe you’d dreamed of waltzing the night away with your own Prince Charming or Cinderella during the Austrian capital’s annual ball season. My own experience of Vienna when the whole city seems to be dancing wasn’t entirely a fairy tale. Yet it was almost all magic.

I am having a problem with a good friend and a love interest, and I hope you can help me out. Basically, my closest friend is just starting to date a new woman, they are totally blissed out, and while I’m happy for her (she’s been solo for a while now), I’m really hurting inside. You see, the woman she’s dating is someone I’ve had a mad crush on for years. I feel really torn. I don’t want to get in their way, nor do I want to be a fickle friend. But I can’t help thinking about the other woman and how we would be together. It’s so painful and confusing. What can I do to maintain my dear friendship and not be so affected by their love? Should I be honest and talk to my friend?