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He’s a rare breed, the man who can wear an off-the-rack suit and make it look bespoke. Rare, not to mention lucky. For the rest of us, getting a suit, or even shirt, to fit perfectly means either expensive alterations or forking over a fortune for custom tailoring.

Surmesur aims to put an end to that dilemma.

The shop, which specializes in made-to-measure clothing, was established in Quebec City three years ago by brothers Francois and Vincent Theriault before expanding to Montreal and now Toronto. “You can get a shirt or a suit that fits you perfectly. You can design it from A to Z and it’s a fraction of the cost of designers like Hugo Boss,” explains Francois.

Customers can choose from over 6,000 fabrics to build their garments from the ground up, not to mention fit, cuff, collar, pocket, button placket, hemline, monogramming and contrast stitching. But don’t expect squeaky sewing machines and scraps of fabric on the floor here. Surmesur, which opened its doors at Queen and Jarvis in October, brings a modern flare to the age-old profession of suit making.

The shop’s minimalist white fixtures are neatly adorned with fabric swatches and clothing samples. Cutting edge technology is key. Touch screen computers are used to gather customer preferences while touch screen monitors display customizable garments on a dashingly handsome avatar. And then there’s the body scanner which allows for touch-less measurements.

But it’s not all robots. Consultants are on hand to guide newbies through the process, which is helpful especially at a time of year filled with black-tie affairs. Picking out a tux can be intimidating even for the most experienced suit buyer. Francois shares a bit of advice: “Take baby steps if you are not familiar with the dress codes for black-tie events.

The tux is all about the fit. An ill-fitting tuxedo does not reflect positively on the wearer. But a classic black tux never goes out of style.” I imagine much like a custom fitted suit that didn’t set you back a mortgage payment.

But there is a minor drawback to buying bespoke: though there is magic in the way a well-fitted suit sways with your swish, you’ll just have to keep up that gym membership or risk the extra fees you’ll pay to let the suit out.


surmesur 108 Queen St E. 416-214-2840. surmesur.com.