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Gerhard Supply

Attention locavores! No longer must you sit around naked, eating your local produce and backyard-raised chickens, or risk blemishing your ethical image geting dressed. Meet Gerhard Supply, the menswear store that will have you looking sharp while allowing you to maintain your Toronto-centric buying habits.

Perched in the heart of the Junction, this minimally-fixtured shop is lined with pieces from Toronto’s newly-revived garment industry. Owner Langton Willms curates menswear designs that are not only conceptualized here in Hog Town but manufactured here, too.

“The concept is everything cut and sewn in Toronto,” says Willms. “I’ve always cared about where my clothes are from, especially with recent issues; the collapse in Bangladesh, the fire in China. A garment costs what it costs and consumers can choose who they off-load that cost onto.”

While it’s hard to pick favourites among your fellow countrymen, there are a few stand-outs at Gerhard Supply. Bay Cooper’s dandy-esque neckties and bow ties are designed out of a High Park apartment. And the size is just right.

“They’re not try-too-hard skinny, but also not like-your-grandpa’s-tie,” says Willms. Leather bags and wallets from Terrence & Vincent are throwbacks to Quebecois heritage, while Outclass’s camo pants find the perfect balance between vintage inspiration and modern profile. And only at Gerhard Supply will you find a custom line of tailoring and shirting, which Willms designs in collaboration with menswear wunderkind Philip Sparks.

Not to be overlooked are the locally-made grooming products. Province Apothecary’s organic beard oil keeps even the most coarse whiskers feeling soft and smelling great, speaking from first-hand experience, of course.

But with a treasure trove like this, why not seek an area with a higher hipster quotient? “There are more fashion obsessed neighbourhoods in Toronto than the Junction,” admits Willms. “But people here are really concerned about the ethics of the things they buy. They shop organic. They like to support small businesses. The little guy has a fighting chance in this neighbourhood.” Something tells us this little guy won’t need to fight too hard.

Gerhard Supply. 2949 Dundas St W. (416) 797-1290. gerhardsupply.com