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Penis enlargement

“I want to make my cock bigger so guys will like me more. I’m four and half inches but I see guys all the time that are bigger and thicker. What are my options?”


Size queens. That’s apparently what all of us gay men are. The bigger the better. The size of our car, our wallets, our condos — and our manhood. So the more penis you have, the more of a big, strong, masculine man you are as well. Right?

We, as a society, have come a long way in realizing that there is much more to being male than the size of our sexual organs. Despite the anecdotal “I broke up with him because his penis was too small” stories we have all heard, all of the studies I’ve seen show that the majority of gay men really don’t care. Very few actually consider size when deciding if someone is attractive or not.

Penis enlargement ads frequently plug up our email with spam trying to sell us things to make us bigger and happier. These products are misleading in that if (and that’s a pretty big if) they do increase your size, it’s temporary not permanent. They tend to be herbal products, which according to research may often contain harmful substances like lead, e coli and mould amongst other things. There is absolutely no evidence to show they actually work. Save your money.

Penis pumps are quite popular — and work by temporarily bringing and retaining blood in the penile spongy tissues causing them to become engorged. This mimics a natural erection but tends to draw more in than your average hard-on therefore adding some size. Caution: They can be dangerous and need to be used carefully and not excessively, otherwise you risk catastrophic damage to your willy.

Permanent penile enlargement is a whole other matter. Thickness can be increased by injecting biological and inert material (silicone) into the sides of the penis. Satisfactory results have been reported, but so has scarring, deformity, loss of sensation and erectile dysfunction.

Lengthening procedures tend to be surgical. Since a third to a half of the penis is actually inside your body under fat, going up into the abdomen, reputable surgeons favour liposuction and/or cutting the ligament that holds the internal portion of your penis inside, letting it protrude more than previously. These surgeries, while popular, are very expensive and have been shown to have high dissatisfaction rates.

Stretching the penis with constant traction over a very long period of time (minimum six months to a year) is also an option which may give a modest increase but it’s uncomfortable and includes wearing a device 24/7.

The easiest way to gain length if you are overweight is to lose weight — it reduces the fat pad that the penis is buried in, exposing more.

Oh, and by the way — average is four to five inches. Not that size matters, Justin, but you are roughly bigger than 50 percent of the population. Just sayin’.