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Manly luxury

Via Cavour menswear in Yorkville

“The whole world needs more Italy,” says Santo DeRose, co-owner of Via Cavour in Yorkville. He and business partner Fabio Fata opened their menswear boutique in 2003. It’s named after Camillo Benso di Cavour, who helped unify Italy in the 19th century. “Over a good bottle of wine, we decided Toronto was in need of a great store,” says DeRose. “We were both in the clothing business and we decided that we’d be a good match.”

Catering to a business-savvy crowd, Via Cavour carries some of Italy’s finest luxury lines including Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Di Bianco Footwear. Styles range from business formal to weekend wear. “Not everybody should dress the same,” says Fata. “A lawyer has to dress different than an architect or a designer. We’ll show them something with a little bit of edge to it, rather than being boring all the time.”
Aside from its off-the-rack casual wear and suiting, Via Cavour offers made-to-measure pieces for men who want their clothing to fit just so.

The staff will take your measurements and send them off to top fashion house Pal Zileri, where everything is hand-made in Italy.

“Their garments are fabulous,” says DeRose. “The beauty is that you can choose your styling. You can choose your fabrics, your buttons, your lining. It’s personalized for you.”

Via Cavour has already started to shelve its spring collection, including suits with more streamlined silhouettes. “The bottoms of trousers are getting trimmer,” says DeRose. “Jackets, shoulders, the whole silhouette is much trimmer.”

The palette is muted for the warmer months. “There’s colour but it’s soft,” he says. “It’s not as bright and vibrant like three or four years ago when orange was really orange and red was bright red.”

Colour and cut aside, the two impeccably dressed gentlemen behind Via Cavour say real style comes with the stride of the man inside the suit.

“If you have the attitude,” says DeRose, “you can carry off almost anything.”

VIA CAVOUR 87 Avenue Rd. (416) 925-1866. viacavour.ca.